Focusing on One Talent: Finding Your Business Niche

We have previously discussed exploring your talents being a great place to start when thinking about ideas for a new business. You should certainly explore what you can naturally do and how it relates to a niche business idea but you may be the type of person who has too many ideas swirling around to decipher which is the best one for your success. There are some who may be talented at several key things but it is really necessary to narrow down your direction so you can fully concentrate on one idea at a time. (We are STILL guilty of this!)

Look Down the Road

Envisioning your future is key to helping you sort out your choices. Take time to daydream – go ahead, I give you permission. Dream about the possibilities of each talent you have. Chances are good you’ll determine which choices have potential for the long-term and which will be better left as a hobby. Pay attention to your own gut reaction when you picture life as a carpenter, writer, jewelry maker or whatever choices you have as a long-term career.

Too Many Cooks Ruin the Soup

Just like that old cliché, you can ruin your own chances of success by failing to narrow down your ideas. Trying to do too many things at one time causes you to lose focus and never be able to fully devote your attention on success. It can be really east to get caught up in the excitement of so many possibilities within your reach. But if you are really serious about starting a business, it’s time to get serious about starting a business.

Finding the Niche

Sometimes a talent will enable you to do many related things. Take marketing for example. When you have experience in marketing, it may be more profitable to find a niche you can focus on. Decide if you are interested solely in online marketing or industry-specific marketing. Breaking down the different areas of a talent can help you define where your talents are best served.

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