About Us

Trifecta Online, LLC provides online content for a multitude of websites – from small business startups to Fortune 500 companies. Serving online businesses with site content, blogs, articles, social media services, and other marketing services, Trifecta Online, LLC has been a leader in the development of websites from the ground up. A team of two full-time writers, Debbie Dragon and Tisha Tolar are also offer resources for other aspiring online writers and provides assistance for those looking at their self-employment options. We are also backed by a wonderful team of freelance writers to handle all high-volume, bulk orders.


Debbie Dragon


Debbie has built a career as an online writer from the ground up and has been an international attention-getting small business owner ever since. Debbie has traveled from her home state of New York all the way to Australia to showcase her mastery of the online writing and content marketing arena. She has authored innumerable articles on countless subjects, ghostwritten hundreds of books (yes, hundreds) and has been instrumental in creating big profits for small companies – we’re talking MILLION$ of profit-dollars here, peeps!

While Debbie can and has created content for a wide-variety of industries, she has been able to establish a few key niche areas in the personal finance and small business sectors. Her articles have been published on Entrepreneur.com and other influential websites in between, such as WiseBread.com, where she holds a staff writer position.

Besides being a writer-extraordinaire, Debbie has a background and education in computer technology which allows her to use her talents for marketing clients online with all-inclusive services…ie: Deb’s got tech talent out the wazoo!

Outside of her career pursuits in writing, Debbie raises two young sons and enjoys perfecting her impressions of Adele and Miranda Lambert, creating family memory books, sharing good food as an Independent Consultant with her Tastefully Simple side-business, and hopes to one day be granted the pleasure of meeting her music god, Mr. Rob Thomas. In the mean time, she devotes her energies to assisting aspiring online writers achieve success through her MakeMoneyFromWriting.com courses and managing the multiple subsidiaries of Trifecta Online including ReliableWriters.com.

Debbie brings to the table a sharp business mind with proactive solutions to keep clients in front of their target audiences. Her knowledge of SEO strategies, link-building campaigns, and general business know-how is certainly an asset to both entrepreneurial businesses as well as large-sized Fortune 500 companies. She’s witty, sharp, and brilliant at seeing the big picture upon first glance.

Tisha Tolar


Grateful for the opportunity to learn from a master, Tisha has been partnering with Debbie for many years and rarely does a partnership like theirs exist. Where Debbie has the brilliance of technological and strategic thinking, Tisha reinforces her writing skills with a marketing and creative edge to keep clients relevant in the great big online world.

Experienced in everything from executive administration to the music business, Tisha’s passion for small business growth and entrepreneurial pursuits has enabled Trifecta Online to expand their services to aid the small business owner. Once an aspiring talent manager, Tisha left the world of music and focused her attention on small businesses, new startups, and special event promotions. She also recycles thrift store furniture into something better through her side business JT Funky Junk.

Well-versed in many sectors including personal finance, Tisha also possesses mad skillz at creating relevant PR, website content, and marketing prose (and biographies, like this one) for small businesses owners. She also puts her talents to good use with a host of volunteer positions in her home state of Pennsylvania where she helps the local recreation committee, the youth soccer league, Girl Scout troops, and any pal who needs a rockin’ resume. Her generosity of time earned her Citizen of the Year in 2010.

In her spare time, she hangs out with her daughter, husband, dogs, and cat playing board games, writing novels, and attempting to get better at anything creative – a Jill-of-all-trades-master-of-none indeed, sir! One day she hopes Kevin Smith will want to write and direct her novel Gen X for the big screen.




The Trifecta Online Credo

Debbie and Tisha have one main priority – dedication to the clients of Trifecta Online.

We keep our business personal because we are people doing business. We like to think of ourselves as an extension and representation of your company and we hope you will too. We give 220% (that’s 110% from each of us for the mathematically challenged) to each person we work with, and have built a reputation with our reliability, care, and understanding of individual client needs.

Finding writers who ‘get it’ is not only difficult for businesses looking to improve on the quality of their online content and promotional strategies, but also finding writers who are looking to stick around for the long term is not an easy feat. Trust us – we’ve learned first-hand at what inexperience and unreliability can do to a business. Not only are we a lot of fun and easy to work with, we understand how things work online and will make sure we do all we can to make our strategies work for you. We are also small business owners looking to survive this economy so we don’t waste time or money – we just get straight to the point. If we can’t help, we’ll be the first people to let you know.’’

Debbie & Tisha

Co-Owners, Trifecta Online, LLC


What Others Are Saying About Little Ole’ Us:

Debbie and Tisha have a language all their own (especially on Skype) but are tickled to death about what our esteemed clients have to say on our behalf:

“On behalf of our entire organization, we cannot thank Trifecta enough for such an outstanding service. The quality of their content is simply fantastic. You can couple that with best in class customer service, quick turnaround times, and flawless execution. Our business would not have grown as fast as it has without Trifecta their company adds true value to our organization and we hope to remain lifetime clients. Thank you again for all that you do for us.” – Giovanni Sanguily President of Lead Magz

“Tisha and the Trifecta crew have always created engaging and insightful articles for our readers. They have been a cornerstone in building our online business and we could not have achieved this level of success without the partnership we have with Trifecta.” ~ Brad, LeaveDebtBehind.com

“I could not be more pleased with Debbie and Tisha’s writing. They are easy to work with, I can trust their content to be unique and insightful, and they’re very open to new ideas and suggestions. If only I could keep up with them.” ~Dr. Jon Wittwer – Vertex42.com

“High quality content is our top priority at Centerfield Media. In our attempt to provide people with timely, useful do-it-yourself advice, we know we can count of Trifecta to supply just that. They are able to write detailed, informative articles ranging from personal finance pieces to the more complex business-to-business topics. Trifecta’s writers have also provided us with fast turnaround times which are vital for news and other types of content. We highly recommend their  services!”~ Yavor,  Centerfield Media

“Debbie and Trifecta helped me with my first book project, just using the content already available on my blog. They were quick, inexpensive … and, yes, totally reliable!” ~ Adrian J Cartwood – 7million7years.com

“I have had a wonderful experience working with both Debbie and Tisha. Our needs change monthly (sometimes more often), and Trifecta is incredibly flexible and accommodating. They are in constant communication and I can always reach them with a question or change. The content provided is intelligent, search engine optimized, and high quality. I’ve been nothing but impressed with the service received from Trifecta.” ~ Acacia, Marketing Representative for DealerOn.

“We went through a handful of writers who just could not accomplish what we had in mind to market our law firm. I’ll even admit to being hesitant about talking to yet another writer and was ready to just do the work myself. But I am SO GLAD we met the ladies of Trifecta. Not only did they nail it the first time around, they have been utterly committed to our site for the long-term. Well done! After such good success with the law firm content, we hired Trifecta to handle the content needs for our marketing company, Daisy Dog Marketing, too. We will gladly tell the world how wonderful you are!” ~ Markhoff & Mittman, P.C and Jane Fogelson

“I worked with Tisha and Debbie for the past two years. They are very easy to work with and good writers. I am very pleased with their ability to provide me with high quality, well-researched articles to help keep my blog run smoothly. If you are looking for a writer, be sure to check them out.” ~ Pinyo, Moolanomy.com