Get Out There!

Getting started is the biggest challenge for small businesses, but we’ve got the solution. We cater to small business owners, especially entrepreneurs running the show on their own. Hiring help was expensive…until now.

Get Out There! for Just $280


  • 1 hour in-person/or phone consultation
  • 1 basic website template set up & 1 year hosting
  • Up to 1500 words of initial content for your new website
  • Press release to local news outlets announcing site launch

1 Hour In-Person Consultation ($50 reg price)

  • We’ll meet with you in person or by phone to discuss how your business is going, what your current marketing involves, and how you want to move forward. We’ll also help you plan out the content to go on your website.

1 Basic Website Template Set Up** ($275 reg price)

  • We’ll establish a website based on a popular, easy-to-use platform that provides the information your customers need to know about your services.  **NOTE: pricing for basic site does not include purchase of domain name or monthly hosting fee. We will not own the site – you will. Typical cost is $15 yearly charge for domain purchase/renewal, $5/month for hosting.**

Examples of websites we’ve helped set up:

Up to 1500 words of initial content($75 reg price)

  • We’ll create up to 1500 words on your new site. This creates roughly three pages of information including the home page, About Us page, and Product/Service Description page relevant to your business.

  • You can add additional pages or content whenever you like; even if you don’t have HTML or programming knowledge.

Press release to local news outlets announcing site launch and business services ($125 reg price)

  • We’ll compose an official press release announcing the launch of your company’s new website to several local news media outlets to provide immediate visibility and advertising for your services/products.
                                You save over $245 with the Get Out There! package.